DST robs you of an hour of sleep – Hilton gives it back

Sunday March 8th is when we have to give back the hour we gained last year when DST started.

For most hotel chains, this means guests will get one hour less to enjoy the comfort of their beds, but the Hilton Garden Inn chain has taken this, and turned it into a smart opportunity for a little PR goodwill.

All guests who stay at a Hilton Garden Inn this Sunday will get an additional 2 hours to check out. This gives you a little extra time to sleep in, and grab that hour that you lost.

The promotion is called “give back the hour” and is valid at “participating” Hilton Garden Inn properties – which probably means you’ll have to ask for it when you check in. As with most of these promotions, don’t just assume you’ll get to sleep in, or you could be in for a nasty surprise on your bill when you check out.