Daily deal – Philips noise canceling headphones for $7

Forget those $300 noise canceling headphones – adding a little peace and quiet does not come any cheaper than these $7 Philips noise canceling headphones.

They are currently on sale at Amazon.com through a third party seller, and can be yours for $6.99 plus $5.99 shipping.

The inventory is very low, and at the moment only 3 are left in stock, with more on the way, so you may have to wait a little to actually get your hands on them, but at a price this low, I don’t think you’ll be complaining. If they do sell out, other Amazon retailers can help you out, but you’ll pay about $4 more.

Reviews on them are generally good, plus the package comes with an airline audio adapter, which you may need on some older airlines.

Update: The $7 version did indeed sell out, the current seller is offering them for $10.68 with $6 shipping, still very cheap!