St. Patrick’s Day: The 10 best Irish pubs in New England

I worked as a daily newspaper reporter in Boston for five years and spent a lot of time along the city’s south shore — that curve of coast running from South Boston and Quincy all the way down to Plymouth. Whenever I found myself in Hingham, which was often, I tried to stop by the Snug for a few beers.

So I was excited to see the Snug get a nod in’s recent rundown of the 10 best Irish pubs in New England.

With St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, you won’t lack for some good craic at any of these watering holes. The list avoids a few obvious choices — ditching Murphy’s Law in South Boston or Doyle’s in Boston’s Jamaica Plain, for instance — and instead goes pretty deep.

The 10 Best Irish Pubs in New England (in no particular order)

  1. The Snug (Hingham, Mass.)
  2. Brendan Behan Pub (Jamaica Plain, Mass.)
  3. The Corrib Pub (Brighton, Mass.)
  4. Buskers (Newport, R.I.)
  5. The Shannon Door (Jackson, N.H.)
  6. McGrath’s Irish Pub (Killington, Vt.)
  7. Patrick’s Pub (Providence, R.I.)
  8. Liam Maguire’s Irish Pub (Falmouth, Mass.)
  9. Wild Rover Pub (Manchester, N.H.)
  10. Anny Liffey’s (New Haven, CT.)