Top 20 list of most bizarre holiday grievances – Number 1? An aroused elephant


You know, when I travel, there are certain things that can get me down: long, unexplained delays at the airport. Trying to check in at a hotel, and the room isn’t ready. And once checked in, a room that is dirty, or not what it was advertised to be. But in general, these are minor annoyances, and I know this. I get over it.

But apparently, there are travelers who truly need to consider switching to decaf: the Telegraph is reporting the top twenty most ridiculous holiday grievances by British vacationers, according to a poll taken by The Association for British Travel Agents (ABTA) and Thomas Cook. At the top of the list? One man on his honeymoon, who said he experienced “feelings of inadequacy after seeing an aroused elephant.”

Dude. It’s an elephant. I’m sure you’re more than adequate.


You can read all of the complaints here
. And then think smugly to yourself that you must be one of the most easygoing travelers alive.