Northwest flight attendants go retro before assimilation

Rumor in the underground has it that Northwest Airlines‘ flight attendants will be going retro during the last week of March, in a throwback to all of the old Northwest and Northwest Orient garb over the ages. Apparently April 1st marks the first day that staff are required to wear the new Delta uniform, so employees will be digging back into their closets to pull out the vintage gear. And as one of of the airlines with the oldest rank and file of Flight Attendants, I’ll bet that those uniforms go way back.

So which uniforms will come out? Will it be the 1980’s drab brown suits with bow ties and Russian hats? The late seventies, crazy pattern blouses? Or the old school, Northwest Orient red dresses? You can check them all out at

Either way,If you’re flying Northwest Airlines over the last week of March, keep your eyes peeled for flight attendants wearing wild vintage uniforms and wish them the best on their new careers at Delta.