Top 10 best beaches in the Caribbean

I grew up in a little fishing village, as did my husband — and so now that we both live in the city, about every 12 months or so, we both crave the ocean. It’s like a sickness, really: unless we get an opportunity to breathe in some salty air, we start to get all crabby and out of sorts.

Or maybe that’s just my excuse for wanting to get away to a beach vacation.

In any event, my yearning for the ocean hasn’t eased any by this recent post on AquaTerraSky, listing their favourite top 10 beaches in the Caribbean. Perusing the list, I’m surprised that there aren’t very many I’ve been to — although admittedly, I was pleased to see that Englishman’s Bay, from my home country of Trinidad and Tobago, made it to number 7.

Looks like it’s time to start planning that Caribbean vacation. And now’s a good time, too: after Easter, most of the hotel and resort rates in the Caribbean drop for low season.