In Riga, Latvia, avoid the following bars and clubs

The US Embassy in Riga, Latvia, has issued a warning to American tourists to avoid certain establishments that have become “notorious for credit card fraud extortion scams, prostitution rings and violence by organized criminals.”

What’s more, the embassy has prohibited all of its employees from doing business at these places.

They are as follows:

  • “Foxy Lounge” – Terbatas 2; located below the “Fashion Café” in the basement of the “Vegas” casino at the corner of Terbatas and Merkela streets near the flower market.
  • “Roxy Klub” – Kalku 24; located near the entrance to Old Town on Kalku street.
  • “Lord’s Pub” (formerly “Groks Pub”)-Kalku 22; located next door to Roxy Klub.
  • “Puzzle” (formerly “Pink Panther”)-Kalku 22; also located next door to Groks Pub.
  • “Mary” – Audeju 13; located on the east side of Galleria “Centrs” Mall.
  • “DD Bars”
  • “Saxon” – Laipu 7; located near “Livu Square” in a small street to the right of restaurant “Steiku Haoss”.
  • “Doll House” a.k.a “Zig Zag” – Marstalu 12; located to the right of Reformed Church.
  • “Bar Fly” – Vagnera 8; located near “Livu Square” in a small street to the right of “Roxy”, “Groks” and “Pink Panther”.
  • “Zephry Bar” – located near Galleria Center in Old Town, near the youth hostel.
  • “Mademoiselle Cigar Club” – Valnu street; located in Old Town across from “Lounge 8”.
  • “Nobu Sushi” – Grecinieku 28; located in Old Town.