Inspired by Google Earth – teenager paints 60ft penis on his roof

Easily offended readers move along – this story involves juvenile humor and a massive painting of a penis.

When 18 year old Roy McInnes watched a TV show about Google Earth, he decided to play a little prank on the photo snapping satellites.

See, these camera satellites pass overhead, and take shots of your area. They don’t care what they see, unless it is something deemed classified, in which case it is blurred.

Roy was hoping that anything he’d paint on his roof, would be captured by Google, and become viewable to the world.

He climbed on the roof of his parents house, and armed with a can of white paint, he drew a massive phallus.

Picture after the jump, may not be suitable for work, children or anyone who is offended by a penis.
None of this would be terribly impressive, but it took over a year for anyone to notice the “artwork” on the roof. A passing helicopter pilot saw the penis, and the first thing he did was to contact the national tabloid, The Sun (I guess that is where the real money is nowadays).

The Sun then contacted the home owner, who initially thought it was an early April Fools prank. When he started interrogating his kids, he discovered the truth – his 18 year old son admitted he was behind the work of art.

Luckily for him, he’s on a year long travel around the world, so won’t be anywhere near the house to receive his punishment any time soon.