The McCurry, the McShawarma, the McLobster, and other McDonald’s regional specialties

When I’m traveling abroad, nothing reminds me of the efficiency (and the obesity) of the United States more than spotting the golden arches of a McDonald’s in some out-of-the-way spot. But as Rolf Potts noted in his article on the love-hate relationship travelers have with this ubiquitous fast-food chain, McDonald’s has a way of adapting itself to the country in which it’s located:

“In China, where familial identity is a core virtue (and where a sexually ambiguous bachelor-clown mascot might seem a little weird), Ronald McDonald is known as Uncle McDonald, and he has a wife, Aunt McDonald. In parts of Bangkok, where the laid-back Thai concept of sanuk (lightheartedness) threatens fast-food efficiency, McDonald’s staff members use James Bond-style digital countdown clocks to ensure the food arrives in a timely manner.”

One of the interesting parts about visiting a McDonald’s in, say, India (yeah, roll your eyes, hipsters) is seeing what regional specialties they’ll have on the menu, like the McCurry, the Chicken Maharaja Mac, and the McAloo Tikki Burger, to name a few.

A must-read post over at a site called Gunaxin has dozens more examples of McDonald’s regional fare. Some of the most (and least) appetizing:

  • The McLobster (found in Eastern Canada and New England)
  • SPAM, Eggs, & Rice (Hawaii)
  • Poutine, which is fries with gravy and cheese (Quebec)
  • The McLaks, a salmon burger (Norway)
  • McSpaghetti (the Philippines)
  • The McShawarma (Israel)

For more of the bizarre, the delicious-sounding-but-probably-not-very-good, and the downright unappetizing, check out the whole post here.

[via Marginal Revolution]