Woman goes berserk while waiting in line for the bathroom – plane diverts

Another week, another passenger loses her mind and starts beating up fellow passengers.

This time it involves a “large lady in her 60’s” who was in line for using the bathroom on her Southwest Airlines flight.

At one point, a fellow passenger bumps into her, and all hell broke loose.

The lady accused him of touching her, so she starts beating the crap out of him. Not content with just beating him up, she starts attacking a flight attendant and the 5 or 6 guys who jumped up to defend the flight attendant

At that point, the Detroit bound plane made an emergency landing in Denver where the “lady” was removed by local law enforcement. She is currently in federal custody and will probably face federal charges for disrupting her flight.

Seriously – what is it with these people? Don’t they read the news any more? Starting a flight on your flight – bad idea. Punching the flight attendant – bad idea.

According to FlightAware, the unscheduled stop lasted just under 2 hours.