JetBlue ramp worker nods off – wakes up in Boston in cargo hold

You just know the economy is in the crapper, when even airline workers have to become stowaways on their own flights.

Last week, a 21 year old JetBlue baggage handler dozed off on the job, which is something I probably do once or twice a week- except when I do it, I wake up with QWERTY key prints on my face.

When this guy woke up, he had traveled from JFK to Boston airport.

When ramp workers opened the cargo hatch in Boston, they initially thought they had discovered a stowaway, but quickly realized he was one of their colleagues.

The guy is lucky that the baggage hold is pressurized nowadays, and that the flight was only 37 minutes. Imagine being trapped in a cold cargo hold for a transatlantic flight without any $5 headphones or the option to purchase a $9 snack box!

Investigators are looking into how the incident happened, and will probably want to know why none of his co-workers noticed he went missing.