World’s largest swimming pool — 21 acres! — coming to Egypt

The world’s largest swimming pool is coming to a new, $5.5 billion real estate development in the Egyptian coastal resort of Sharm El Sheikh .

This is going to be one monster pool, measuring 8.8 hectares in size (that’s 21 acres!) And the best thing is that it’s just one of 12 giant lagoons that will be built right at the beach.

The company building the pools is called Crystal Lagoons, and they build huge swimming pools all over the world (currently the largest pool in the world is a nearly 20-acre number that the company has built in Chile).

Crystal Lagoons is working with local Egyptian investors. The entire development is going to include 30,000 home units, several five star hotels, a museum and a shopping center.

No word yet on when the development is expected to be completed.