Oberto Beef Jerky – Mmm, premium beef snacks

After my recent posts on the various jerky from Jerky.com, I was contacted by the nice people at Oh Boy! Oberto to try their jerky — which claims to be America’s #1 Favorite. In an effort to make sure you are getting the best jerky available for your travels (and for eating on your couch), I was happy to indulge in more compare and contrast.

The Oberto website, EatLikeAnAlpha.com opens with “Don’t be a sidekick. Eat like an alpha,” and makes it easy to jump right to their products on Amazon.com. You can get a 6 pack of 3.5 oz bags of Original flavor for $25 right now (on sale), and because it qualifies for Amazon Super Saver Shipping? It will ship for free. That’s kind of an amazing deal. Click here.

I want to mention right away the #1 thing that Oh Boy! Oberto holds over Jerky.com: Their packages are resealable. That is a pretty darn big advantage.

The #1 thing that Jerky.com holds over Oh Boy! Oberto? Their exoticism. Jerky.com has varieties of meats (venison, ostrich, etc.) that you’re not gonna find from Oberto.

Now, once again rating on chewiness, meatiness, and nutrition, I have tried the Original, Peppered, Hickory, and Teriyaki Beef Jerky, as well as their Limited Edition Southern Style BBQ Pork Jerky!

1. The Southern Style BBQ Pork Jerky. Let me begin by saying this tastes exactly like you might hope it might: like a cross between beef jerky and bacon. It’s very chewy (for a jerky), I gave it an 7 on a scale of “rock hard” (1) to “deli meat” (10). It’s definitely not beef — “the other white meat” gets a 5 on the meatiness scale. Nutritionally, it’s great, coming in at 80 calories per ounce, 1.5 grams of fat, and 10 grams of protein. Ideally, it wouldn’t also have 8 grams of carbs, but overall? This is a darn good jerky.

2. Original Flavored Beef Jerky:

This is the winner. I’m serious. Chewiness – 8, meatiness – 9, and just 70 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 7 carbs per ounce. 11 grams of protein. And is it delicious? It is so delicious. The chewiness of it really enhances my enjoyment. If you like your jerky to be somewhat impenetrable, don’t look here. If you want 6% of your daily recommended Iron intake per serving? Look here.

3. Teriyaki Flavored Beef Jerky: Chewiness – 5, meatiness – 7 (the sweetness of the teriyaki sort of interferes with the meatiness), 80 calories per ounce, and other than that, pretty much the same nutritional values as the Original Flavor, just a little less Sodium and a little more Iron. So that’s good. I’m not really into teriyaki, but I do like this flavor more than Jerky.com’s; it’s less sweet and a little more spicy.

4. Hickory Flavored Beef Jerky: Chewiness – 4, meatiness – 7 (again, a little sweetness undercuts the meatiness), and the lowest calories (70) and carbs (6 grams) combination we’ve seen! The hickory flavor, as you might guess, is woody and sweet — the second ingredient on the list is brown sugar. It’s not my favorite jerky, but I could see how someone might get really into this.

5. Peppered Beef Jerky: Delicious. Chewiness – 5, meatiness – 8, 70 calories, 7 carbs, and 11 grams of protein per ounce. This jerky has the lowest Sodium levels we’ve seen (430 mg), and matches the Teriyaki Flavor for Iron (8%). Though the second ingredient on this jerky’s list is brown sugar as well, you won’t taste the sweetness over the bright and spicy pepper! I really like this jerky a lot, almost as much as the original flavor.
Mmm, premium beef snacks. Jerky is good for the car, the plane, the hike, and the couch. Give Oh Boy! Oberto a try — they’ve been makin’ the stuff since 1918!