TSA detains man for carrying cash

It’s not often that you get to here the truculent questioning of our fine officers from the Transportation Security Administration, but traveler Steve Bierfeldt managed to surreptitiously record an encounter with the TSA when he was detained in St. Louis.

What was he detained for? Carrying $4,700 in cash.

If you watch this video, you’ll hear about 2 minutes of back-and-forth between TSA personnel and Bierfeldt in a windowless detention room in the St. Louis airport. The TSA wants to know what Bierfeldt does for a living and why he’s carrying that kind of cash. All Bierfeldt asks in reply is whether he’s legally required to answer those questions. The audio leaves off with personnel telling Bierfeldt that he’s being taken downtown to a regional Drug Enforcement Agency office for further questioning.

Fox New’s Freedom Watch, of course, jumps on this like Oprah on a buffet line, flashing a picture of the 25-year-old Bierfeldt and asking, “Is this the face of a terrorist?”

Why was he carrying $4,700? Turns out Bierfeldt was working for an organization called Campaign for Liberty and was returning from a local fundraiser carrying the proceeds from book sales, ticket sales and other merchandise.

Missouri is one of the only states in which law enforcement maintains that the Campaign for Liberty is a terrorist militia group.