Clothing not optional at this German hotel

Guests arriving at Hotel Rosengarten better be prepared for their stay, this is not the kind of hotel where you show up at the very last minute, not knowing what to expect.

The hotel in the German Black Forest has a strict “no clothing allowed” policy, and guests are expected to be naked in all common areas.

Of course, nudity is still pretty much a taboo in the United States (unless it is on DVD’s made here and sent abroad), but the Germans are so comfortable with nudity, that 2 villages in the vicinity of the hotel are working on legislation that will permit naked hikers to use some of the paths in the area as “nudity approved” routes.

The hotel does have a couple of rules guests will have to adhere to – sex is not allowed in any of the common areas, and photography is only allowed if those being photographed grant permission.

Check the gallery below for some folks who should NEVER go to a clothing-optional resort.

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