Daily deal – Philips 8.5″ DVD player with iPod docking station for $90

My daily deal for today is perfect if you regularly find yourself flying an airline that has not yet made the switch to personal TV screens and decent movies (yeah, I’m talking to you, United Airlines).

The Philips DCP851 is an 8.5″ portable DVD player with an integrated iPod dock. The unit has a battery capable of powering it for two and a half hours, and comes with an assortment of docking adapters.

If you’d rather watch DVD’s, you can play most formats, including DVD’s with DiVX and MPEG4 content. In addition to the DVD and iPod playback options, you can even add content to an SD memory card, and play stuff of the integrated card reader.

Included with the Philips DCP851 is a remote control, car charger, AC charger and an AV cable.

The unit is currently on sale at Amazon.com for just $89.99 and ships for just under $9. There are also several retailers selling the unit refurbished, saving you about $8.