Flight attendant blocks man from using bathroom – has him arrested

We’ve probably all heard the stern warning at the start of our flight telling us to use the bathroom in our own cabin.

The separation of the classes means only business class passengers are allowed to use the business class bathroom, and coach passengers need to use the smelly porta-potty in the rear of the plane.

But what do you do when you really have to go? Like after a meal you had in Honduras that isn’t sitting too well with you?

This is the dilemma faced by Joao Correa on his Delta Airlines flight back home last week.

The coach bathroom was blocked by a drinks cart, and when he politely asked a flight attendant if he could use the front bathroom, he was told “no”.

He tried to hold “it” in, but when things got too much, he sprinted up front and attempted to enter the bathroom. It was at this point when the flight attendant/bathroom cop stuck her arm in front of him and blocked the door.

The rest of the story has become part of a federal investigation, Mr Correa claims the flight attendant put her hand on his shoulder, and that he grabbed her arm to keep his balance, her side of the story claims he pushed her arm down and twisted it.
The flight attendant then called the pilot, who probably rolled his eyes and told her to let Mr. Correo just use the bathroom. He then returned to his seat and was quiet for the rest of the flight.

Upon landing at Atlanta airport, he was arrested and locked up for 2 nights before appearing before a judge.

Mr. Correa says he is “devastated’ by the whole incident, and I can’t blame him, it’s one thing to keep your plane secure and prevent people from walking into the wrong cabin, but when the other bathrooms are clearly blocked, and one of your passengers really has to go, you just let him go.

To actually put your arm in front of the bathroom door and block a passenger is pathetic, and I hope Delta Airlines realizes this. That said, if Mr. Correa really did injure the flight attendant, he should face the charges, but I’d say that 2 nights in jail is about the extent of what he should be punished with.

What do you think?