Self proclaimed “worst hotel in the world” proud of its bad name

The Amsterdam “Hans Brinker” hotel is an honest place. So honest in fact, that they realize they suck, and don’t make a secret out of it.

In fact. the Hans Brinker hotel took its poor service, and turned it into a major PR campaign.

Their bright posters are all over Amsterdam, telling people just how bad they are, how smelly the place is, and how rude their staff are. Some posters even advertise the fact that there may be dog poop in the lobby.

And the campaign is working, so well in fact, that the hotel is regularly filled to capacity. The success behind their marketing prompted the PR firm behind the posters to write a book, conveniently called “the worst hotel in the world“.

Of course, the place isn’t as bad as they make it sound – there is no AC, no mini bar and a general lack of other amenities, but the rooms are clean, and at $35 a night for a bed in the heart of Amsterdam you really can’t complain. It isn’t like you need scrubs and a face mask just to enter the room!