Photo of the Day (4.11.09)

For the past two years I’ve been in Latin America on the days leading up to Semana Santa (or Holy Week), and I’ve been completely astounded by the Colombian and Cuban people’s devotion to their faith. By way of contrast, here in Honolulu, I didn’t even get a day off yesterday (Good Friday), though most state businesses did. My students tell me that in Europe they observe a 4-day weekend during Easter or have their Spring Break coincide with the Easter holiday, which I believe should be the case for any Christian majority nation.

Regardless, Semana Santa is on my mind right now. For Christians around the world, today is that waiting period post-crucifixion and pre-resurrection. Easter Saturday activities this year range from bargain deals at grocery stores to Easter Eggstravaganzas all over the U.S. and Canada.

Our photo today comes from our friend from Montreal, epicxero, who appears to have traveled extensively around South America. This particular photo nicely contrasts the church tower with city as a backdrop.

If you have some great travel shots you’d like to share, be sure to upload them to the Gadling pool on Flickr. We might just pick one as our Photo of the Day!

Happy Holy Week/Semana Santa/Easter, everyone!