Don’t forget your mom!

What's that? That's a freaking Azalea Topiary, that's what that is.No matter where you’re traveling this May 10th (cough cough that’s Mother’s Day), it’s easy to send flowers to your mom and any other moms in your life who are special. You don’t even have to call 1-800-FLOWERS, you can just go to

They’re making it extra easy this year with their Spot a Mom project. Moms are divided into types like New Mom, Green Thumb Mom, Foodie Mom, Pet Lover Mom, and so on. Just pick your mom’s type and they’ll recommend a bouquet.

Also on, you can submit stories about moms you know for a chance to win the daily $100 gift certificate prize. And, if your story is picked, you might even win a Beaches Resorts trip to Jamaica or the Turks and Caicos — just get lots of people to vote for you.

Don’t. Forget. Mother’s. Day. Yes, you can order this far in advance. Do it now.