SkyMall Monday: Personalized Hot Buns Dish & Your Kickasserole Dish

We’ve discussed in the past how much I love to cook in the SkyMall Monday kitchen. In fact, it’s starting to dominate the SkyMall Monday posts, what with the pizza, hot dog, pepper grinder and paper towel products that we’ve featured. I just can’t help it. I travel a lot, so when I’m home I like the comfort of good food and friends. In fact, my favorite activity in between travels is a good old-fashioned pot luck dinner. I get to catch up with friends, enjoy the tastes of home and share good stories. But at a pot luck, how can I be sure I’ll get credit for the food I made? I specialize in hot buns and casseroles, and I’m sick and tired of my friends stealing the credit for dishes. I’ll step away from the table for five minutes and suddenly my friend Matt will tell everyone that he made the hot buns. But I’ll show him. At my next pot luck, I’ll serve my hot buns in a Personalized Hot Buns Dish and my tuna noodle casserole in my Kickasserole Dish.

That’s right. No one will be able to steal my thunder with these dishes that announce to the world, “Hey, I made these hot buns and threw these random ingredients into the oven and called the result a casserole!” I wasn’t convinced that anything could solve my problem and prevent food identity theft, but the product description that these two items share convinced me beyond the shadow of a hot bun:

Serve up piping-hot buns, while giving the baker of the family his or her due…You know your tuna casserole kicks everyone else’s. But social conventions and that mild-mannered demeanor demand that you keep quiet about it. However, if your baking dish says what needs to be said, you can sit back and accept complements graciously.

It’s like they
read my mind and stared straight into my soul. I’m just so mild-mannered and a slave to social conventions that I let people walk all over me. Usually, when Matt steals credit for my casserole, I bite my tongue, smile nervously and then go back into the kitchen to cry. But what will Matt do when I serve my new, improved Sausage Kickasserole in my personalized Kickasserole Dish? What will he do when I present my sweet, sticky hot buns in a dish that announces just who worked hard to make those buns so irresistible? He’ll enjoy those buns and that sausage-fest and he’ll know once and for all who’s on top. And he’ll like it.

Take bake the credit. Take back your life. Get the Personalized Hot Buns Dish and Kickasserole Dish and assert your dominance. You owe it to yourself and your buns.