Beer bath isn’t what it was in college

You know how a case of beer can make you feel great? Well, this concept takes on a new meaning in the Czech Republic.

There’s a difference between wading into a bathtub full of Natty Light and enjoying an unusual spa treatment in the Czech Republic. In Chodova Plana, a beer town close to Czech spa destinations, you can enjoy beer-based treatments at the Hotel U Sladka‘s spa. Half a dozen tubs form a human six-pack of relaxation. Don’t worry, this brew is served warm.

The beer poured into hot tubs for this unique experience is blended with herbs, mineral water, yeast and hops. The goal is to rejuvenate your skin, improve blood circulation and give you a bit of mental relief.

Beer, beer everywhere, and not a drop to drink? Not quite …

While you’re in the midst of a 20-minute soak, the spa attendant will bring you a glass of beer (cool, unlike that around you) to sip while you unwind.