Tuesday Travel Trivia (Week 25)

Tuesdays suck. Fortunately, there’s always Tuesday Travel Trivia to dull some of the pain.

A hearty congratulations to last week’s first-time winner, Annette, who impressed all the boys by answering 8 out 10 questions correctly. (And really, Annette, isn’t the reason you play trivia to impress boys?)

Want to make your move on some cute guy or girl? Catch their eye by becoming this week’s trivia champ. Check out the following ten questions and leave your answers in the comments. Good luck!

  1. What Willie Nelson song was recently voted by World Hum contributors as the top travel song of all time?
  2. What Persian word is used throughout the Middle East to describe tipping, charitable giving, and occasionally bribery?
  3. In the 2005 movie Hostel, three backpackers are told about an Eastern European city in which all the women are gorgeous and can’t resist American men. In what country do they find the (sadly fictional) city?
  4. What disease often brought on by air travel is typically marked by blood clots in the leg or pelvis?
  5. What Japanese city which hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics is also the name of a well-known beer maker?
  6. In British English, an “elevator” is commonly called a “lift.” What is a “truck” known as?
  7. How many UNESCO World Heritage sites are there in the world? A. 878 B. 1151 C. 1596 D. 2347
  8. With over 4,200 hotels in 80 countries, what is the world’s largest hotel chain?
  9. Name a country whose name is also a past-tense sentence. (Hint: Add one space in the country’s name to separate a pronoun and verb.)
  10. Which country’s population density is the world’s lowest with only 1.9 people per square mile?

Last week’s answers are hidden safely below the fold…

  1. What famous New Zealander who died last year was famously quoted as saying, “Well, George, we knocked the bastard off”? Answer: Sir Edmund Hillary
  2. What 2004 film recounts the legendary journey across South America by Che Guevara and Alberto Granado? Answer: The Motorcycle Diaries
  3. This week marks the debut of two new Major League baseball stadiums (stadia?) located in New York City. What are their names? Answer: Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, and Yankee Stadium, home of… I forget.
  4. Often referred to as a “squiggly line” or an “en-yay”, this character used in Spanish (~) is properly known as what? Answer: A Tilde
  5. National Geographic‘s travel blog is one of the best in the business. What’s its name? Answer: Intelligent Travel
  6. What is the only territory in South America whose currency is the Euro? Answer: French Guiana, an “overseas department” of France
  7. Located in New York City, the French restaurant Les Halles once featured a (now) very well-known executive chef. Who was it? Answer: Anthony Bourdain
  8. True or false: The country of Saudi Arabia has its own category on Craigslist. Answer: That is false. Which means you’ll have to go somewhere else to arrange a “casual encounter” with a Saudi man or woman.
  9. What five-letter word describes a type of toilet, also known as an Eastern or Natural-Position toilet, that often appears to be nothing more than a hole in the ground? Answer: Squat
  10. The internet domain suffix .de is used for websites originating in what country? Answer: Germany