Cremated remains missing from passengers luggage – TSA says “oops”

Several days ago, I wrote about an airline passenger who arrived home to discover that his shock absorbers had been removed from his luggage, and replaced with a note from the TSA letting him know they had inspected his bags.

Today’s episode is far more disturbing – a passenger flying on Alaska Airlines from Seattle to Denver arrived at her destination, only to discover that the cremated remains of her mother were no longer in her plastic urn.

The container itself was still there, but it was empty, and like the other incident, the only evidence was a note left by the TSA letting her know they had inspected her checked bag.

The TSA at Sea-Tac airport is now worried that a screener “made an error” and removed the contents of the container. They are attempting to track down the screener, to find out what happened to the remains, and what prompted them to empty the container.

Initially, the passenger blamed herself, and was worried that she was to blame for the incident, but she followed the TSA regulations for carrying cremated remains, and the TSA web site clearly states that under no circumstances will they open the container.

Fingers crossed that the TSA finds the remains, or the mother of this poor lady will be laid to rest in the bottom of a trash can at Sea-Tac airport.