Recycled leather unisex carry-on by Ashley Watson

Maybe fashion is the last thing you think about when you’re going to the airport — or maybe it’s the second to last thing, right before the environment.

Well, if you’re cool enough to read Gadling, then you’re cool enough to travel in style, and why not be eco-conscious about it while you’re at it?

Pictured at right is the Ashley Watson Cormorant — a unisex, totally gorgeous 11″ x 16.5″ recycled leather masterpiece. The bag features soft, luxurious recycled leather in a rich brown, a comfy adjustable strap and handle, and a full hemp and cotton twill lining.

Ashley Watson designs, which we spotted at the Bagtrends Green Arm Candy Party in NYC, are made mostly from recycled leather jackets, and she incorporates the jacket details into the designs — very cool.

You can get the Ashley Watson Cormorant for $418 here, and check out these stores for more options!