Better entertainment on the go – full shows now available through YouTube

Since the launch of YouTube, its range was usually limited to people farting, and pirated music video clips.

That is all about to change, as YouTube just launched a lineup of full length TV shows from some of the most popular movie studios.

Content is available from Sony, Discovery, Stars and others. The lineup is not as impressive as what you’ll find at Hulu, but fans of old comedy shows like Married With Children and Alf won’t be disappointed.

Of course, none of this is all that important if you usually just sit at home and watch TV, but the addition of full length shows to YouTube means that people with a YouTube capable mobile (smart) phone will now be able to watch something decent while stuck in the airport departure lounge. That said, not all the content is currently available for mobile viewing. To watch this new content, point your (mobile) browser to