Think you don’t have the money for that vacation? Wrong

We all know that we could find quite a bit of “extra money” to put toward traveling if we readjusted our daily budgets and started to save a little bit here and there.

Still, some of us might need a tool to help make this happen.

There’s a Web site out there ostensibly designed to help show people the types of spending they can cut, and how much saved money that’s likely to yield them.

The people over at TravelMuse have come up with what they call their “Yaycations Calculator” — Yaycation being a term I thought our very own Brenda Yun had coined — which is meant to prove that we all have the money for that special getaway, even if we don’t know it.

The calculator prompts you through 20 categories and asks you what you’d be willing to live without. That coffee-to-go five days a week? Over a year, that could save you $390. That sandwich on the run at work? We’re talking $1,820 a year in savings if you brown bag it.

I went through each category and chose the cheapest item in each to cut. My overall savings for the year? $41,016. Woohoo! I’m going on one hell of a vac…er, yay…cation!

OK, so the site is simplistic at best, and perhaps complete BS at worse. Still, it’s kinda fun to play around with, and its basic lesson of making small budget cuts to afford travel down the line is a sensible one.