Is Duty Free still a deal?

Duty Free shopping used to be an amazing way to get all your luxury items for cheap — from electronics to booze — but with the internet, the relaxing of import duties, and the weakening of the dollar, is it really a deal anymore?

Yesterday, the Sydney Morning Herald published some pointers for savvy Duty Free shopping. We condensed them for you:

1. Don’t even bother unless you’re somewhere where the exchange rate is favorable.

2. If you’re looking for a bargain on something specific or will be hitting several airports, you can compare Duty Free prices in different countries online at

3. If you’re getting something electronic, “try before you buy” at another retailer, because Duty Free goods from other countries are pretty tricky to return.

4. Don’t buy liquids unless you’re on the way out of the airport — they may be confiscated when you board even thought you bought them at the airport!

So, don’t be lured into thinking you’re getting the best deal just because you’re in a random country and there’s no tax. Do your research!