When sharing a hotel room with a friend, don’t stab him when he farts

Ever had to share a room with a friend? Perhaps it was on a business trip with a stingy company, or when your flight was canceled and the airline was too cheap to find you two rooms.

Either way, don’t make the same mistake Jose Braule Ramirez and Juan Antonio Salano Castellano made in their Clarion Inn room in Waco.

When Juan passed what was probably a noxious amount of gas, Jose thought it would be “funny” to throw a knife at him, stabbing him in the leg.

When a stab in the leg didn’t seem enough of a punishment, he got up and stabbed his buddy in the chest.

Classy. End result of a big hotel room fart – one man in the hospital, and another arrested and charged for aggravated assault.

(Via: Consumerist.com)