Daily gear deal – Archos 2GB MP3/video player for $30

My daily deal for today is perfect if you are low on budget, but high on requirements for an MP3 player.

This Archos 105 2GB media player features a 1.8″ OLED screen and is just 7mm thin. The device supports music from most popular formats, and video in the WMV format. The device even features a photo viewer, capable of viewing JPEG images.

The battery is capable of powering the device for about 18 hours, making it perfect for your upcoming long haul flight.

Reviews of the player are generally positive, but they do point out that video quality is quite poor, which makes sense with such a small screen.

Still, at just 40 cents over 30 bucks, it’s a real bargain, and if you need a couple of players to keep your kids (or significant other) quiet during your trip, it probably won’t disappoint you.

You’ll find the deal at Amazon, and since it is over $25, you’ll even get it shipped for free! The player comes with a quick start guide, headphones and a USB cable. To make the deal even better, 3-4 weeks after your purchase, Amazon will send you a redemption link where you can download $5 in free tunes from their music store!