Egypt bound Aircraft fails to take off not once, but three times

What was supposed to be a fun holiday flight from Gatwick to Taba in Egypt turned into a bit of a nightmare for the passengers.

During its take off procedure, the pilot of a Monarch Airbus A300 had to slam the brakes and return to the gate.

Now, I’ve experienced this a couple of time before, and while it isn’t exactly fun, it’s not a life altering experience.

What makes this event different is that the plane went through this takeoff and abort routine another two times.

That’s right – the poor passengers went through the hassle of an aborted take off THREE times!

Each time, the plane went back to the gate, got a part replaced, and tried again. Eventually, after an eight and a half hour delay, the passengers were on their way to their destination.

One of the passengers reported that “People were really scared because we had come so close to taking off, which could have been disastrous”.