Woman paralyzed after bad turbulence on Continental Airlines flight

Turbulence just claimed another victim – this time the victim was in the bathroom on Continental flight 511 when the plane hit some turbulence and a sudden descent.

The sudden drop threw the woman against the ceiling of the bathroom, fracturing her neck.

Doctors spent 6 hours operating on her, but her injury left her paralyzed from the neck down.

The incident also injured one other passenger and a crew member, but they were released from hospital.

According to a Continental Airlines spokesperson, the seatbelt sign was illuminated when the plane hit the turbulence.

The NTSB is awaiting more information before they start an official investigation into the incident.

All I can say is let this be yet another reminder to pay attention to that seatbelt sign and that I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the lady is able to recover from this tragic accident, but doctors say only time will tell whether her situation can improve.

(Thanks Nick!)