Gadling challenge – army meal or airline meal – the answers!

So, how well did you do in our little challenge? If you managed to get more than 15 questions correct, you were either cheating, or you have a real eye for food in the sky.

It wouldn’t be fair if we only showed thumbnails of the dishes, so lets take a look at each question, along with a photo of what you were actually looking at.

Question 1:

A bowl of “late night noodles” on EVA air.

Question 2:

Army meal – Chicken stew.

Question 3:

Airline meal – Indian Dish on JetLite Airlines

Question 4:

Airline meal – Business class dish on United Airlines

Question 5:

Airline meal – Lufthansa Business class dish

Question 6:

Army meal – a 25 year old MRE chocolate cookie

Question 7:

Army meal – Rice ratatouille with chicken.

Question 8:

Airline meal – Singapore airlines dinner

Question 9:

Airline meal – Satay on board Malaysian airlines

Question 10

Army meal – “fried rice”

Question 11:

Airline meal – Air India coach dinner

Question 12:

Army meal – beef noodle soup

Question 13:

Army meal – pork chow mein

Question 14:

Army meal – Dhingri Mutter potatoes and veg with rice

Question 15:

Airline meal – coach class meal on ANA

Question 16:

Airline meal – Air New Zealand

Question 17:

Airline meal – Vegetarian lasagna

Question 18:

Airline meal – coach class meal (Shepards pie)

Question 19:

Airline meal – beef in red wine sauce

Question 20:

Airline meal – unknown food, somewhere in New Zealand

(All MRE images courtesy of, many thanks to them for allowing us to use their images)