Attorney in 2007 tuberculosis plane scare sues CDC

It has been quite some time since we last heard from Andrew Speaker – the attorney who boarded a plane in Prague knowing that he was infected with a particularly nasty strain of tuberculosis.

Thankfully, the whole incident could have been worse, and only Mr. Speaker himself was infected.

Now he has made a full recovery, he is thanking everyone who helped keep him alive! going to sue the CDC.

See, Mr. Speaker is really annoyed that so much of his private medical information was “leaked” to the press. He is demanding ” unspecified damages and court fees” (which is usually code for a ton of cash).

According to Mr. Speaker, the stress of the incident caused him and his new bride to split up, and is causing him “grave mental anguish”.

Well, duh.

Let’s recap what Mr. Speaker did – he knew he was infected with TB, and despite warnings from doctors, he boarded a plane to Europe, then boarded another plane taking him back home. But despite knowing he could potentially harm others, he thought he’d be smart and fly to Montreal and drive to the border, as to prevent being stopped by border officials. In total, he took 7 commercial flights, and could have infected over 1000 people.

So, instead of moving on with his life, and feeling any regret for what he did – he’s going to sue the people who did everything they could to keep him and everyone he was in contact with safe.