Want to travel but don’t have the cash? Apply for a Roads Scholarship!

Get paid to road trip around North America? Uhh, yes please.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, head on over to DigitalVagabonding.com and check out the first-of-its-kind “Roads Scholarship,” sponsored by Matador Travel, Travellerspoint, and DigitalVagabonding.

The winner of the scholarship will receive a $1,200 per month stipend to road trip around the US and Canada this summer (June through September), and will take photos and blog about the trip for the three sponsoring websites.

What else does the winner get? How ’bout a free ticket to Burning Man, the free-spirited eight-day festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

If you want to apply, click here, fill out some preliminary questions about yourself, and then submit a “far out” proposal for why you should be chosen. (Note: You must be 18 or over and have a driver’s license.)

Only about two dozen people have applied so far (see their proposals here), so your chances are pretty good– a lot better than that “Best Job in the World” thing, anyway.