Man arrested for pointing his green laser at Phoenix planes

You’d think that by now, enough people have seen the news warning us that shining a laser pointer at a commercial plane is a very bad idea?

Apparently, that news did not reach 19 year old Vincent Bodin in Phoenix, because this young man was just arrested for doing just that.

He’d been up to no good for several days, and it took a police helicopter to finally catch him.

The really stupid part? Mr. Bodin is a French citizen here on a student visa, which means he runs the very real risk of being deported back home. Crime does not pay, and being a total idiot pays even less.

The current generation laser pointers are extremely bright, you can purchase pen sized pointers with enough power to light a match, so imagine the intensity of that beam when it hits the cockpit window – most certainly not something a pilot will want to see when he’s on his final approach or take off.