Galley Gossip: Flight attendant of the month – David Holmes (Southwest Airlines rapping flight attendant!)

Name: David Holmes (AKA The rapping flight attendant)

Hometown: Bay Area and Chicago…I claim them both.

Base: LAS

How long have you been rapping? Was in a group about 1000 years ago, hadn’t rapped after that until flight attendant training

The first time you rapped on a flight were your coworkers stunned? Yes, they thought I was the shy, quiet type.
Offers must be pouring in! Sign a deal yet? No, though there have been a few discussions
I bet! One thing I couldn’t help but notice was how supportive SWA has been towards you throughout all this. Of course SWA is known for it’s fun atmosphere, but were you surprised at all by how your company reacted? No, I felt very comfortable that this was a good reflection of the culture that SWA promotes.
You’re all the talk right now. Your mom must be thrilled! What does she have to say? Unfortunately, Mom passed away in 2006.
Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that. You know she must be smiling down on you from heaven. How many years have you been a flight attendant? 8 months (August 2008)
That’s it! Wow, and look how much your life has changed in 8 short months – just last week you were on Leno! What did you do before you became a flight attendant? Was a ramp agent for 3 years, personal trainer before that.
Besides flying, what else do you do? Trying to start a non profit organization in honor of my late mother.
Tell me more about that. It’s called aid4mom ( It’s purpose is to provide small amounts of financial aid to single mothers for things such as utilities, gas, groceries, and rent/mortgage assistance. My mother was the inspiration behind this. She worked as many as three jobs to make sure our needs were met, yet was always there for birthdays and school plays. I feel that everyone should feel like they had the world’s greatest Mom, and I would like to help someone else’s mother be amazing to her children the way mine was to me. I recently was granted 501(c)(3) status, which is huge, but have been at a standstill ever since. I cannot do this alone, and am a bit overwhelmed with decided the best way to proceed.

Wow, that’s an amazing thing to do. I’m really impressed. Have you contacted Oprah? If not, I will! So…any advice for flight attendants?A small amount of effort can really brighten someones day.

So true. How many hours have you flown this month? Scheduled for 153 trips.

I can’t even imagine flying 153 trips. That’s crazy. You must be exhausted! Last flight? Friday night flight from SFO to LAS. It was CRAZY! Friday night + full flight + Flight to Vegas + 2 hour delay (drinking time) = Crazy party flight.

Hotel away from home? I’m homeless right now, so all the hotels ARE home.

Homeless? WHAT? Details, please! I was renting a house that went into foreclosure. Moved out at end of March, but haven’t moved in anywhere. I have been flying a lot more, and getting hotel rooms when I’m off. All of my clothes are in my car, everything else was sold or given away. I have no idea what my next move is, not sure I want to commit to living in Vegas for another year.

That’s terrible. If there’s one thing about flight attendants I know, it’s that we’re survivors. Honestly, I think big things are about to happen to you, so maybe it’s a good thing you’re not too settled. That way you’ll be able to pick up and move quickly if need be. That said, I do hope things get better – soon! Best layover city? Pittsburgh and Seattle for activities, ABQ for the food.

Regular Route? No such thing.

Dream Trip? Any flight where a beautiful woman flirts with me.

Too funny! You’re so handsome I’m sure women flirt with you all the time. In fact, my mom keeps talking about how cute you are, and she’s not easy to impress. Nightmare Trip? A full, short flight. You are rushing from the time the doors close, and that’s the time where everyone has special requests!

What exactly is in your rollaboard? Extra uniforms, jeans, workout clothes, laptop, exercise bands in case the hotel gym sucks, and emergency tuna & oatmeal.

I’ve been meaning to learn how to use my exercise bands and you’ve just motivated me to do so. Not that there’s any time on those short layovers. Any packing tips/tricks? I can use some…do you have any?

Well…I always tell everyone to roll their clothes, even though I never do it myself because I don’t really carry that much. When I went to Italy for 10 days all I brought along with me was a tote bag and a rollaboard, so of course I rolled my clothes and I was surprised to see just how much I could get in my bag, so it does help. Also, pack light. Worst Airport? Kansas City – All the food is outside of security

I hate that. A flight attendant has to eat! Favorite Airport restaurant? Paradise Bakery in Denver/Phoenix. Best sandwiches EVER.

I’ll have to check that place out. Favorite in-flight announcement? The opening announcement. If I rap it, I love the looks on the passengers faces.

I’d love to see how they react, especially now that you’re so well known. Most annoying passenger question? “What’s that? (pointing out window)”. It’s funny to me because they think I carry a GPS on me or something.

Okay…so…I’m going to ask because I always ask…ever hook up with a pilot? No

Flight attendant? Once, but it wasn’t on a trip so I don’t really count it.

How about a passenger? Once the flight is over, they are no longer passengers, so…no.

Favorite vacation spot and why?I haven’t done too many vacations, but I vow to change that this year.

You better! Flight attendant pet peeve? Passengers who tap me to get my attention.

Now finish the following sentences:

I can’t fly without my…laptop.

On my last flight…I made the passengers feel better about the two hour delay by rapping.

Once a passenger…. tried to kiss me in the galley. It was the only time I wished I wasn’t a flight attendant.

Once a pilot…bought me lunch, then accepted a high five as payment. Why doesn’t that work on the ground?

Once a flight attendant...took her shoes off in the shuttle van and put her feet in the seat right next to me. Ewww….

Why do passengers…think we don’t mean THEM when we say “turn your phones off”?

If I could be anywhere in the world, I’d …Go to Japan. I lived there for 6 months at the age of three, and barely remember anything!

Any advice for travelers? The bin sizes have not changed, so why do your bags keep getting fatter?

Next flight? I’m on reserve this month, so I won’t know until the day of.