Compete against an Amazing Race champ in the next Competitours

So you watched last nights Amazing Race finale and you can see yourself winning the next season if you only had the chance. But you’re pretty certain you’re so normal that you have almost no chance of being selected for that race.

Why not go for something you’re guaranteed a chance to compete in? Competitours has managed to replicate the excitement of the Amazing Race, and they’ve put together a significant prize package – like 40 nights at a Starwood hotel and $6,500 cash for example.

But they’ve also made the next running of the Competitours race in Europe a bit more interesting. Tyler MacNiven, the winner of the Amazing Race #9 and probably the most memorable AR contestant of all time, will be competing in Competitours.

And if you need a leg up on how to beat Tyler, check out how Team Gadling (that’s us) scored a first place finish in the inaugural Competitours! And if you go, let us know. We’d like to hear how you do!