AirTran set to become the first airline with fleetwide Gogo Inflight Internet access

AirTran is the newest airline to bring inflight Internet access to the skies. The airline chose the Gogo Inflight to outfit their planes, which is the driving force behind airborne Internet service on United Airlines, American Airlines, Virgin America and Delta.

What makes the Airtran announcement special, is that their entire fleet will be equipped with the service by mid-summer.

That means all 136 AirTran planes will allow you to get online just in time for your vacation.

Gadling took Gogo Inflight for a spin last year on Virgin America, and as far as I am concerned, the service is the biggest thing to hit the skies since online check-in. Speeds are great, and at $9.95 for flights up to 3 hours, getting online is quite affordable.

Inflight Internet access was just one of the ideas submitted by AirTran passengers on their site ““. Some of the other submissions included “hungry squirrels”, “mojitos” and “remote control cars”. I can see why Internet access won.