Part 2 of gadgets to make your summer travel more enjoyable

Gogo Inflight account

Lucky enough to be flying an airline with WiFi service this summer? Save yourself the hassle of digging for your credit card on the flight, and signup for a Gogo Inflight account before you leave. If you add your credit card number to your account, getting online on your flight is as simple as entering your login information.

Once online, you’ll enjoy broadband speeds and access to almost any online service.

Price: $7.95 (for getting a smartphone or PDA online) to $12.95 for a laptop on flights 3 hours or longer.

Altec Lansing Backbeat Bluetooth headphones

Dump the wires, and hook yourself up with a pair of wireless headphones. The new Altec Lansing Backbeat 903 headphones work on any compatible Bluetooth device.

No Bluetooth on your music player? The Backbeat 906 comes with a music transmitter that will work on any device with a headphone jack!

Price: $99.95

Noise canceling headphones

Nothing starts your trip off worse than 9 hours of screaming kids. So treat yourself to some noise canceling (or noise isolating) headphones. Noise canceling headphone use integrated electronics to listen to what is around you, and cancel it using smart “anti-noise”, noise isolating headphones physically isolate your ears using silicone or foam earpieces.

These noise blockers can be found for as little as $30, and even the cheapest option will provide some pretty decent isolation from the kind if stuff you can’t deal with at 35,000 feet.

Price: from $30
Where: Most major electronics retailers.

T-Mobile Blackberry Curve

This one keeps popping up on Gadling, not only because it is a pretty phone, but because it can actually help you make calls when you are abroad, for next to nothing.

The T-Mobile Blackberry Curve comes complete with built in GPS, a 3.2 megapixel camera, WiFi and the T-Mobile Hotspot@home calling system.

When you are in range of a WiFi hotspot, the phone can switch from cellular to WiFi calling, which means you can make calls using your minutes pool anywhere with WiFi.

Price: Free (with a new service plan)
Where: Most T-Mobile retailers

In Your Face iPhone/iPod Touch viewbase

Fed up with holding your iPhone/iPod Touch/Zune/PSP to watch a movie on your flight? Unpack your “In your face viewbase” and clip it to your tray table.

The clamp is large enough to attach to the thickest of table (or other item), and the device keeps your player tightly in place.

Its bendable arm and swivel mount mean you can position your device exactly where you want it, so you can sit back and watch something better than the inflight movie.

Price: $29.95