Mile high WiFi at last!

It’s finally happening. There will be WiFi on commercial flights!

Virgin America and AirTran have already begun equipping their fleets WiFi systems, and intend to have all their planes hooked up by the end of the summer. Bigger, still, Delta Airlines and American Airlines are planning to roll out their plans this year and next.

Oh mile high WiFi, where have you been?

According to the LA Times:

“After a three-year hiatus, airlines are bringing back wireless Internet service on planes, allowing business travelers to check their e-mails, browse the Web and log into their corporate networks while in flight. There hasn’t been in-flight Internet access since Boeing Co. killed a very expensive, multibillion-dollar project to wire planes all over the world with a satellite-based system.”

Boeing, you’re going on my “Naughty” list.

Is there a catch? Yes. There will be fees. The LA Times says “The fee will be $12.95 for flights longer than three hours and $9.95 for those that are less. Hand-held device users will be charged $7.95 regardless of the flight’s length.”

Apparently, American Airlines will have a $5.95 special for red-eyes — a red light special, if you will.