Travel warning to Mexico canceled as swine flu fears ease

Yesterday the U.S. Centers for Disease Control lifted its warning that travelers avoid non-essential trips to Mexico as fears over the swine flu have faded.

The CDC wrote on its website that “the Mexican outbreak is slowing down in many cities… [and] the United States and other countries are now seeing increasing numbers of cases not associated with travel to Mexico.”

Still, at-risk groups such as pregnant women, children under 5, and the elderly “may want to consider postponing travel,” according to the CDC.

Thousands of trips to Mexico were canceled over the CDC’s earlier warning, and most cruise ships were re-routed to avoid Mexico because of fears of the H1N1 virus, popularly known as the “swine flu.”

Time will tell whether the travelers return to Mexico, or whether flu fears will continue to keep people away– despite the CDC’s assertion that Mexican travel is now safe.

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