Pets stay free – The five best pet-friendly budget hotel chains

If you’re a pet lover and haven’t visited, you totally should! They have all kinds of information and news about our furry little friends. Their most recent endeavor? Naming the Top 5 Pet-Friendly Budget Hotel Chains!

“Keeping costs low is a top priority for pet owners as they make summer travel plans this year,” says Joshua Fried, the Director of “We are thrilled this list provides so many affordable options for pets to have their summer vacation, too.”

It turns out that a lot of hotels don’t charge any extra fees or even require a deposit! Keep in mind that budget chains are more often than not franchises, which means rules and regulations can vary. Be sure to call up the particular one at which you’ll be staying to verify their policy.

So, who among the budget chains turned out to be the most pet-friendly? Click through our gallery to find out (phone numbers included!)