Students can get two free Eurail travel days in June and July

Calling all students: with an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), you can add two free days of rail travel to an eight-day Eurail Select Pass. The offer, which comes from the STA Travel, lasts through June and July, the height of summer travel.

Though budget carriers such as EasyJet may tempt you with their unbelievably cheap fairs, consider traveling the romantic, old-fashioned way – by rail.

Besides getting two free days of travel, there are many reasons why taking the train is cooler than flying: smaller carbon footprint; you can bring more than three ounces of liquid on board; train stations are in the center of town, rather than the outskirts (where budget airlines often leave you); you don’t have to pay to check your bags; it’s easier to meet people; it’s relaxing (I actually can barely stay awake on trains); you can catch an all-nighter and skip paying for a bed one night.

So get your ISIC, and get your train travel on.