Ten passengers we love to hate: Day 3 – Baggage claim vultures

We already covered passengers who won’t move to the right on the escalator, and those who bring hot, smelly foods on to the plane. But my personal (non)favorite is those folks who press their shins right up the baggage claim conveyor belt, in the hopes that it might help them spot/claim/get to their bags faster.

People! At the Anchorage airport, there is a bright yellow line painted all the way around and about a foot and a half away from the baggage claim belt. This line is for you: it quite clearly indicates that you should remain at least that far away, so that other people can see and grab their bags.

The last thing I feel like doing after being crammed into a germy metal tube for however many hours is bump shoulders with and act polite to folks crowding around the luggage carousel. When you stand right up against it, not only do I have to crane my neck and hop up and down like a deranged cheerleader in order to spot my luggage, I also have to wade through you and others like you to try to get it. If everyone would just mind the yellow line, then every single person would be able to spot their luggage and not have to body slam accidentally bump into those who hover like vultures.

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