Welcome to America – our wacky food – part 1: extreme bacon

Welcome to “welcome to America”, a fun and informative look at the subtle differences between the United States, and the rest of the world. Once again – if you are heading our way this summer – WELCOME. Please bring lots of your money, and spend it anywhere you can, we need it badly.

In the coming episodes, you’ll learn just how insane some of our food can be. The United States is often the topic of food related jokes, and rightfully so. Today’s topic – extreme bacon.

Seriously, nobody does bacon like the United States does bacon. Bacon is everywhere. Now, bacon in the form of a couple of strips on a burger, or for breakfast is nothing special. I’m pretty sure the British beat us when it comes to bacon consumed for breakfast. I am talking about extreme bacon. So, lets take a look at some of the insane ways bacon is consumed in this country.
The Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger

This is indeed a glazed yeast doughnut bacon cheeseburger. I can assure you that it is not a common dish found in the United States, but that did not stop the chefs at Google from preparing it for their hungry customers.

The Wendy’s Baconator

Wendy’s is one of the nations largest burger chains – you’ll have a hard time coming to the states and not being able to find a Wendy’s. Their food is generally pretty decent (if you like fast food), and if you are bored of your national McDonalds then they are worth checking out. Especially if you love Bacon.

The Wendy’s Baconator is a double burger with cheese, ketchup, mayo and 6 strips of bacon. Total sodium content is about 90% of what you are allowed daily, and at 51 grams of fat, you’d better be eating celery for the rest of the day.

Oddly enough, the world’s largest fast food chain is where you will not find any bacon (after breakfast). McDonalds in most parts of the world offers at least one burger with bacon, but in the US they have oddly enough decided against offering it. There is no McBacon in the US.

Baconnaise and Baconsalt

Baconnaise and Baconsalt – 2 products quickly becoming popular in the United States. The funny thing about these products is that neither actually contain bacon, but I can tell you from personal experience that they taste extremely similar to bacon. Baconnaise is even sold in a “light” version.

Baconsalt is exactly what the name implies- salt with bacon flavor. It tastes surprisingly good. Still, there is something quite weird about sprinkling bacon flavored salt on your food. but that is all part of “bacon to the extreme”.

Weird and wacky bacon products

The US novelty market loves bacon lovers. Bacon lovers love spending their money on anything bacony, so this is obviously a perfect match.

Online stores will sell you anything from bacon flavored toothpicks to bacon shaped bandaids and a bacon wallet.

If you really love your bacon, then how about a nice bacon scented car air freshener. I’m sure that will smell nice in the summer.

The madness doesn’t end there – on the right are “bacon mints”. They are supposed to taste like bacon flavored mints.

I’d love to say that the combination is better than it sounds, but I’d be lying. They taste like someone took a mint and added a bunch of salt to it.