Gadlinks for Tuesday, 6.9.09

Here’s a sampling of the best of the rest from around the travel world:

  • Development researcher Chris Blattman relays some words of wisdom about tribal conflicts in Africa.
  • The New York Times brings us this heartbreaking tale of trustafarians in New York’s hipster neighborhood of Williamsburg whose parents are pulling the plug on them. From the article: “The culture of the area often mocks residents who depend on their families… There is a ‘giant stigma,’… for Williamsburg residents who are not financially independent.” Please pass the tissues.
  • After every plane crash there is the inevitable story about the lucky few who, for one reason or another, missed the flight. Here’s the latest about the recent Air France disaster.
  • Matador gives us ten words, phrases, and clichés for travel writers to avoid like the plague. (See what I did there?)
  • World’s Cheapest Destinations author Tim Leffel offers 5 Gear Ideas for Packing Better.