Tourists return to hotel to find koala napping in bed

Most hotels turn down your rooms while you’re out and about during the day, tidying up your bathoom, changing your towels and organizing your belongings. Nicer hotels come back a few times, filling your ice cube bucket and sometimes leaving fresh fruit, cookies or candies.

A trio of Australian women weren’t expecting a live koala sleeping on their bed when they returned though. Discovering the marsupial when they checked into their vacation rental, they watched the animal wander around the balcony for a bit then climb up onto the bed and fall asleep.

Cute as they may seem, koala bears can be viscious animals, and one can’t just walk over and wake one out of slumber. The women did the smart thing and called the local wildlife preserve who sent a ranger out to pick up the sleeping marsupial. He was safely returned to the wild.

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