Art in All of Us: Sharing art with the world

Art in All of Us is one of those very special programs that not only has high ideals, but is also actively working towards achieving them. Founded in 2005 in Belgium by photographers Anthony Asael and Stephanie Rabemiafara, the not-for-profit organization focuses on promoting tolerance through the exchange of artistic and cultural activities with children. Now with an office in New York, as well as Brussels, the organization operates in all 192 U.N. listed countries.

While using art, which in this case includes drawing, poetry, and photography, as a communications tool to promote tolerance sounds like a great idea, Asael and Rabemiafara went to great efforts to ensure that their program was actually making an impact. Over the past four years they have visited all 192 countries, interacting wtih 300 schools in the process, and directly reaching 18,400 students. Those young people have in turn created more than 18,000 pieces of art and inspired over 160,000 photographs.

Now, the two founders are working on a book that will detail their travels and share the best photographs, artwork, and poems from the children that they encountered along the way. Entitled The World Art Book, it is scheduled to be released soon, but you can check out some of the wonderful art that this program has inspired on their website. Simply go to the Artworks page where you’ll find the available art broken down into regions, and then further separated out by country. You can also read the details on some of their travels to specific nations on the Travelogue webpage.

Art in All of Us works closely with UNICEF, SOS Children Village, and other organizations that promote multi-cultural understanding across borders. They continue to expands their activities through the help of a dedicated staff of volunteers, who work hard to promote their tolerane through art message.