Breaking news – Yemenia Airbus A310 crashes with 154 passengers on board

June is turning out to be a pretty bad month for aviation safety.

This evening, a Yemenia Airbus A310 crashed an hour from its destination into the Indian Ocean off the island nation of Comoros.

Nothing is known about the cause of the crash, but the plane was carrying a total of 154 passengers when it went down. This is the second Airbus crash this month. On June 1, an Airbus crashed killing all 228 passengers.

The flight was en route to Moroni, and had departed from the Yemen captal Sanaa for its four and a half hour flight.

The official site of the airline has not posted any additional information yet.

UPDATE: The Airbus A310 was carrying 142 passengers – including families with babies – and 11 crew members. Comoros police said three bodies had been recovered so far and the five-year-old child has been pulled from the water alive. There is no word on other survivors.

: Faults were detected on this plane in 2007, which has sparked an inquiry into the Yemenia airline’s safety record.

: “We never had problems with the plane. [The accident] was purely weather,” Yemenia Chairman Abdulkalek Saleh Al-Kadi said in a telephone interview from Sana’a.

(Image is of a Yemenia Airbus A330)